Features and Modules in Kanteza

Template and Layout Library
Kanteza has an in-built Template and Layout Library that will keep growing. When a New Website is needed, one can simply choose one of those existing Templates and Layouts and launch the site in less than an hour.

Search Engine Friendly URLs
Kanteza allows you to have friendly URLs such as

Note that the above two URLs are same as http://www.kanteza.com/features.asp

The fact is all the three URLs are pointing to the same Page Object! If the underlying page content is modified, then the content in all the 3 URLs will be modified automatically!

Power of Programming with No Programming!
For example, your customer needed a website with 30 pages. The footer for all the pages is common and it contains various links. Some of those links in the footer requires regular updates, additions and deletions. In the traditional website model, you will need to modify all the 30 pages whenever there is a change. Or you will have to use a programming language such as Dot Net, PHP or Java to manage this kind of requirement.

Using Kanteza, this complexity can be handled easily. The footer will be an object. And it will be linked to all the 30 pages of the website. Whenever the content in the footer object is updated, all the 30 pages will be updated automatically!

The good thing about Kanteza is - you don't need to know any programming!

Latest News
6 Jun 2014
Effexoft is actively talking to a Chennai, India, based software Development company to develop parts of the Kanteza platform.

18 Nov 2013
Effexoft started looking for implementation partners for its Cloud platform Kanteza.

12 Mar 2013
Kanteza announced plans to launch mobile capabilities.

6 Jan 2011
Kanteza launched its website on it's own platform!

14 Jun 2010
Effexoft migrated its website to Kanteza Platform.

8 Mar 2010
Kanteza supports multiple hostnames for a single website.

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