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Kanteza is a Development, Hosting and Management (DHM) Product for Website Development and Hosting Companies. Using Kanteza, website companies can manage all of their customer websites from a single place without using any complex code or programming language.

Kanteza is a result of extensive experience in the Website Design, Development, Hosting, Website Management, Customer Account Management, Content Management and Web Application domains. Conceptualized by a Senior Architect, Kanteza is a comprehensive system that can help manage thousands of websites for your various customers. Here is a small list of its Features and Modules.

Develop a New Website in Less than An Hour!
With Kanteza's user friendly, 100% no-code technology, a new website can be created in less than an hour! All you need is your content! Everything will be done from your browser. No FTP or any other software is required. Once the website is created, you can manage it by changing and enhancing the content as and when needed. Most importantly, you will be able to track all of your Customer websites from a single place!
Latest News
6 Jun 2014
Effexoft is actively talking to a Chennai, India, based software Development company to develop parts of the Kanteza platform.

18 Nov 2013
Effexoft started looking for implementation partners for its Cloud platform Kanteza.

12 Mar 2013
Kanteza announced plans to launch mobile capabilities.

6 Jan 2011
Kanteza launched its website on it's own platform!

14 Jun 2010
Effexoft migrated its website to Kanteza Platform.

8 Mar 2010
Kanteza supports multiple hostnames for a single website.

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